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Deep Sea Fishing

The long and varied South African coastline makes it a fisherman's dream destination. As there are plenty of game fish in our waters, deep sea fishing is very popular and there is an enormous variety of fish and locations for the keen angler to try out.

Deep Sea fishing is a popular sport, and with nearly 3000km of coastline, covering both warm and cold water, Southern Africa is a top destination for the sport.

Entire communities in South Africa rely on fishing exclusively for their survival making fishermen and fishing villages a big part of our coastal culture and heritage.

It is off the Cape Town coast near where the warm Agulhas current from the Indian Ocean meets the cold Benguela current of the South Atlantic Ocean at Cape Point that the best game fishing is to be had. Here, fishermen will find Yellowfin and Longfin Tuna as well as Yellowtail, Dorado, Atlantic Big Eye Tuna and Broadbill Swordfish.

Mozambique offers some of the world's best fishing and some of the most challenging big game fishing in Southern Africa, particularly in the deep waters of the Mozambique Channel. Marlin, Sailfish and other huge fish weighing over 1,000 pounds (454kg) can be caught, however a catch and release system is encouraged to protect the natural resources. A number of centres along the coast also offer rock, surf and fly-fishing.

Visiting the Bazaruto area you have an excellent chance of catching large black and striped Marlins especially between October and December. The peak time for sailfish is July-August.