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Shark Cage Diving

Witness the prowess of the earth’s most majestic predator

We offer a unique diving opportunity for you to witness the wonder of the Great White Shark. These gliding torpedoes of power serve as the centrepiece when we take you on a surging adventure experience that will leave you in awe of these magnificent oceanic predators.

The journey begins with a scenic door-to-door transfer and a scrumptious buffet breakfast on arrival. This is followed by the excitement of the launch and a full day of exhilaration at sea in the vicinity of Dyer Island and Geyser Rock - an area infamous for its aptly named "Shark Alley."

Watch as chum clouds the water and we wait for the first dorsal fin to appear. Anticipation flares as the cage is gently lowered into position and you ready yourself for that first close encounter. It's a once in a lifetime rush as the solitude of the sea encases you and you come face to face with one of the most powerful predators since the dawn of time. Great White Shark cage diving in South Africa is an experience that will leave you breathless!

We welcome and encourage participation from divers and non-divers alike, as we cater for shark cage diving and surface viewing from our 36 foot, custom built white shark catamaran. To ensure your comfort on board we offer a limited capacity of 18 passengers, which includes all your dive and safety equipment, first aid, a life raft as well as toilet facilities.

Come splash into adrenalin.